Audition Taping

Take advantage of our professional grade facility, expert lighting, quality sound and industry standard digital formatting to produce the best possible self-tape audition submissions. 

Private Coaching

In a private coaching session you will work one on one to get the most out of your audition sides, make the best possible acting choices, build a strong character, craft your audition and show your best work.

Voice Work

Improve your vocal quality, gain more vocal flexibility, make your voice more resonant and get greater control of your vocal instrument.

Techniques based on Fitzmaurice Voicework and Knight/Thompson Speechwork.

Accents and Dialects & Standard American

Our dialect/accent coaching sessions will help you find the most natural sounding speech pattern you’re capable of to suit the ethnic origin, education level, socio-economic status and geographical location of the character you’re working on. These private sessions also apply to speakers of foreign languages needing to adopt a Standard American English accent.